Fixed-Rate Mortgages

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fixed-rate mortgages


A fixed-rate mortgage holds the equivalent interest rate and principal/interest payment during the loan duration. The price you pay per month may vary due to changes in property tax and insurance rates, but primarily fixed-rate mortgages award you a very anticipated monthly amount.

A fixed-rate mortgage might be a better choice for you if you’re currently living in the home that you plan to stay in for years to come. A fixed interest rate gives you a better idea of how much you’ll pay each month for your mortgage payment, which can help you budget and plan for the long term.

You may desire to avoid fixed-rate mortgages if interest rates in your region are high. Once you secure a fixed-rate mortgage, you’re held with your interest rate for the term of your mortgage except when you refinance. If rates are significant and you secure the rate, you could overpay in interest. Talk to America’s Best Lenders to hear more about how market interest rates are trending.

The benefit of fixed-rate mortgages is that monthly payments don’t fluctuate over the period of your loan, making it simpler to prepare for a budget.

Negative Aspects Of Fixed-Rate Mortgages:

  •  You may pay more in interest across time if the rates are high.

Home Buyers That Can Benefit:

  •  Buyers that are buying or refinancing their stay for a good home.

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